Copperhead Industries

Copperhead’s tracer wire and Complete Utility Locating System™ is manufactured in the United States and designed with American quality and ingenuity. Strong partnerships yield strong results, and Copperhead Industries is proud to work with Copperweld® wire, the world’s most famous brand of Copper-Clad Steel (CCS) wire. Copperhead tracer wire has gone through the rigorous testing and quality checks that only 100+ years of cladding experience can offer.

Copperweld’s bimetallic processing methods are proprietary, have been perfected over time, and are far superior to methods used by other tracer wire manufacturers. Because the process only deals with metals in their solid states, there is no inconsistency in thickness, and no dripping, peeling or cracking to risk oxidation. Additionally, inline and destructive testing is performed on all of our products to ensure that they meet exacting, self-imposed, high-quality standards. Internal quality checks also ensure that all of our products are worthy of your trust.