Mueller AWWA/CC x Compression Ball Corporation stop

Mueller AWWA/CC x Compression Ball Corporation stop

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BLOW-OUT PROOF STEM DESIGN, prevents separation and assures dependable, safe operation. DOUBLE O-RING STEM SEALS, are supported in precision machined grooves and provide secure, leak tight sealing. ‰۬INLET THREADS - AWWA taper‰۬STAINLESS STEEL REINFORCED SEAT SEAL - assures reliable seal under full flow and pressure. ‰۬STRAIGHT-DESIGN allows maximum flow with minimum pressure loss. ‰۬MANUFACTURED AND TESTED - to ANSI/AWWA C800 standard. ‰۬END PIECE O-RING provides secondary seal to prevent leakage. ‰۬300 PSIG -maximum working pressure. ‰۬EXTRA STRONG - key to ball connection provides strong, reliable performance and resists breakage. ‰۬OUTLETS - MUELLER 110 Compression Connection. ‰۬STEM ROTATION - full 360 degree. ‰۬FLUOROCARBON COATED BALL - ensures smooth , easy turning operation.

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