Smith-Blair 244 Full Circle Redi Clamp

Smith-Blair 244 Full Circle Redi Clamp

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Smith-Blair's 244 Full Circle Redi-Clamp provides a fast

and economical means of repairing pin holes, punctures or
splits in rigid pipe (steel, plastic, or copper tube). Innovative
design, extensive testing and state-of-the-art manufacturing
techniques are used to produce the 244 Redi-Clamp.

The 244's gasket is a full circumferential gasket with two
bonded and recessed armor plates. These plates allow the
pipe repair clamp to perform similar to a Full Circle Clamp,
sealing 360 degrees around the pipe.

The clamp's band is made out of stainless steel to provide
corrosion resistance, flexibility and strength. The lugs are precision cast ductile iron with a contoured surface to equalize clamping pressures around the pipe. The lug design includes a drop-in bolt feature that eliminates loose parts, saves time and aids installation under adverse conditions.

The bolts are electro-galvanized carbon steel with a dichromate seal to resist corrosion. The bolts have a generous shoulder ensuring a positive fit in the open slot to secure against turning during maximum tightening.

NOTE: Smith-Blair's 244 Full Circle Redi-Clamp may be used for
most water and gas applications with the exception of gas plastic
pipe repair. It is suitable for restoring shape and marking crimped
polyethylene gas service lines.

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