Smith-Blair 372 Service Saddle CC/AWWA Outlet

Smith-Blair 372 Service Saddle CC/AWWA Outlet

  • 11000

Description: Stainless Steel service saddle with double bolt specifically designed for PVC pipe, but can be used on other pipe types.

Application: Uniform sealing to provide uniform pipe support, without crushing action.


  • Provides maximum support and reinforcement.
  • Standard width is 7 1/2"".
  • All 304 Stainless Steel construction for great corrosion resistance.
  • Outlet gasket is molded into the band to provide optimum sealing efficiency.
  • A wide variety of outlet sizes and thread types are available to meet demand up to 2"".
  • Keeper bar helps pull clamp around the pipe and helps close the clamp during installation.
  • One saddle covers both iron pipe size and ductile iron O.D. pipe within the same nominal size.
  • Outlet Gasket has a hydro-mechanical lip to improve sealing as the pipeline pressure increases.

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