Fernco ICON Pushfit

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The Fernco ICON Pushfit

Internal Pushfit Connector - 4” & 6” Sewer Pipe and DWV

These are extremely helpful in cases where the is no pipe available to clamp a regular coupling around the outside of the pipe.

• Internal Pushfit connection - no tools required
• Can be installed in 30 seconds or less
• Install in sheared off pipe where standard couplings
cannot be used
• No need to expose external surface of pipe
• Can be removed and re-used
• Watertight connection on any pipe material
• Connects pipes of differing or irregular
outside diameters
• Pipe stop indicates that the product is properly installed,
when it is flush to the pipe end
• Internal lip ensures smooth transition
• Rigid ABS Body provides excellent shear resistance
• Ideal for the connection of plastic (SDR-35, Sch-40),
Cast Iron and Copper
• 4.3 PSI test pressure

IC44P 4 For connecting two pipes with internal diameters:

IC66P 6 For connecting two pipes with internal diameters:

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