Krausz Hymax Coupling

Krausz Hymax Coupling

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The Hymax 2000 coupling line is suited to a wide range of pipe joining conditions, and each size will replace between three and four modular type couplings in your inventory. Each coupling will join pipes with diameter differences up to 1.30 inches. Reducers (Hymax 2200 series) can handle pipe diameter differences of up to 2 inches in nominal diameter. In addition, the Hymax 2000 coupling can handle pipe end gaps up to 7.5 inches, and will accommodate angular deflection of up to 8 degrees.

The Hymax 2000 offers an efficient range adjustable pressure assisted Hydraulic Sealing system, and NSF 61 EPDM Compounded gaskets available. Temperature range is -20 degrees to 180 degrees F.

It is a stab type coupling resulting in no disassembly. The installer simply adjusts the gasket, and tightens one bolt on each end of the coupling to the required torque. All work is performed from the topside of the coupling, eliminating the need for extra excavation and under-dig for the wrench. The Hymax 2000 can be easily handled by one person due to the durable nature of its superior lightweight materials of construction. The coupling is equipped with a corrosion resistant coating of fusion bonded epoxy and comes with stainless steel spanner, nuts and bolts.

Additional sizes available; Call, 1-800-653-7201, M-F 8AM - 5PM EST or email,

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