Reed Tube Cutter T15

  • 3438

Reed Copper Tubing Cutter 3/16 - 1-1/4 OD

Reamer is built inside grip knob for convenience and safety. Wide rollers yield a square cut while thin cutter wheel profile insures a quick, clean cut.

Reed T15 Tubing Cutter - 3/16" - 1 1/4" w/ "O" Wheel (3485) - Ships with "O" wheel for copper. To cut plastic pipe, order recommended cutter wheel (OP2 or 1-2PVC) separately.


Simple feed screw design which is durable.
Internal reamer built inside knob for operator convenience.
Large grip knob permits easy adjustment of feed screw.


O.D. Capacity Actual Inches:3/16 - 1 1/4

O.D. Capacity Actual Ì mm:4 - 32

Weight lbs:1.3

Cutter Wheel [2] Copper:O

Cutter Wheel [2] Plastic PE:OP2

Cutter Wheel [2] Plastic PVC:1 - 2PVC

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