Smith-Blair 226 Single Band Full Circle Repair Clamp

Smith-Blair 226 Single Band Full Circle Repair Clamp

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226 Full Circle Repair Clamp Details

Smith-Blair 226 Single Band Full Circle Repair Clamps provide a fast, economical means of repairing full circumferential breaks, holes, cracks and other types of damage to cast iron, steel, asbestos cement, copper, aluminum, plastic, fiberglass and other types of pipe.

The clamps have a built-in O. D. range which enables them to fit several pipe outside diameters within their nominal pipe size range.

Full Circle Repair Clamps feature a lap type gasket with molded tapered ends to provide efficient equalized sealing at the lap joint on any pipe within the clamp's range. The gasket has a finely gridded surface with the resilience to easily conform to irregularities on rough pipe surfaces or in pitted areas, providing an effective seal all around the pipe.

A stainless steel bridge plate spans the opening of the lugs and is bonded flush into the gasket to prevent wrinkling in the lug area, providing an even gasket pressure at all points around the full circumference of the pipe.

The band is made of stainless steel, selected to provide corrosion resistance, flexibility and strength. Lugs are securely attached to the stainless steel band and have mutually supporting stabilizing fingers to permit maximum torquing of the bolts. The lug design includes a drop-in bolt feature that eliminates loose parts, saves time and aids installation under adverse conditions.

The bolts and nuts are low alloy steel with rolled threads, double radius heads and a generous shoulder to prevent bolt rotation under maximum torque loading.

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