Smith-Blair 313 Double Bale Service Saddle

Smith-Blair 313 Double Bale Service Saddle

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Smith-Blair 313 Double Bale Service Saddles.

The 313 is especially recommended where large taps are required and where greater than normal transverse loading on the service line is anticipated.

Description: Double bale Ductile Iron service saddle with TaperSealTM gasket and wraparound bales to

connect branch lines, instruments, and other appurtenances to pipe.
Application: Tapping pipe for branch connections and to install service connections, air and vacuum valves.

Key Features:

Meets applicable AWWA C800 Standards
The wide saddle body provides stability on the pipe
The gasket is fully bonded to the cavity to hold it in place
NPT, CC and other threaded outlets available in sizes 5⁄8" thru 4"
A closed lug on one side, combined with the bale, acts as a hinge for easier installation

Materials Specifications (subject to change):

BODY: Ductile Iron per ASTM A536
BALE: Carbon Steel ASTM A108 (C1018) or HSLA (C111) electro-galvanized with di-chromate seal ASTM-B633
NUTS: Cold formed semi- nished heavy hex Steel A563 electro-galvanized with di-chromate seal ASTM-B633
WASHERS: Carbon Steel ASTM A108, electro-galvanized with a di-chromate seal ASTM B633
GASKET: Nitrile (Buna N) NSF 61
® compounded to resist oil, acids, alkalies, most (aliphatic) hydrocarbon uids, water and other chemicals
Temperature Range: -20°F to 180°F
FINISH: Flexi-Coat
® Fusion-Bonded Epoxy Finish, per AWWA C213

Working Pressure: Up to 300 PSI, depending on size and application
Pipe Applications: Steel, Ductile Iron, and Cast Iron.

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